Where can i buy remote possibilities?

Answer 'Remote control' means a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distanceSource: True Knowledge

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Possibilities of getting TSS?

Toxic shock syndrome is rare and you can safely leave in a tampon for that long. You might want to use a pad at night, but as long as you change your tampons regularly during the day, you'll be fine.

Suicide possibilities?

Bruh whats wrong wit you man. Don't go killing yourself over something dumb man. Dont do it at all. Enjoy life! Why are you even asking that question?

Other Possibilities for A Slow Computer?

+All I can tell you about Hard Drives is that SCSI rules when it comes to speed. You might want to think about throwing in a SCSI adapter in your PC. Especially if you are using any kind of RAID ... Read More »

What are the possibilities of getting caught with "sexts" if they're never sent?

Depends how often people have a hold of "their" phone. The more others poke around in it the more likely the wrong person will see it.