Where can i buy natural yogurt?

Answer You should find it anywhere, but if you haven't tasted it before, it doesn't taste too nice

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Is live yogurt the same as natural yoghurt?

"natural" means unflavoured, i.e. no fruit or sugar in it (etc) or in other words, plain white yoghurt."live" literally means still alive, i.e. not pasteurised or UHT or anything like that. But liv... Read More »

Is Activia Natural Yogurt usually lumpy?

Its gone bad.. look at the expiration date

How to Make Natural Yogurt in a Thermos?

If you ever wanted to make your own yogurt, this is the recipe for you. You need a thermos as well as the food ingredients.

How to Make Natural Yogurt Hair Conditioner?

If you are like many women, you have tried just about every hair care product on the market to get soft, beautiful hair. The beauty section of your local supermarket is full of products with fancif... Read More »