Where can i buy good quality, but cheap strobe lights?

Answer cheap and good quality, that doesn't exist. However as a former professional DJ , i will make these recommendations.1. completely budget piece o crap 12.00â... Read More »

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What camera has good quality and is cheap?

Where can i get a good quality cheap camera?

Any electronic store should have relatively good cameras for a decent price. Best Buy would be my first try, followed by radioshack, then the dreaded walmart.

Where can i get a cheap good quality video camera?

Cheap & Good video camera -…

Good quality cheap video camera?

This year a small company Aiptek made the cheapest HD camcorder which sells for $299 and can record a 720P (1280x720 resolution / 16:9 aspect ratio) image at 30 frames per second using advanced H.2... Read More »