Where can i buy electronic cigarettes in the US.?

Answer They are avalible. I have 4 starter kits and I have been smoke free for over 2 full months. You can order online. I did, and will continue to order. I am stocking up though.I got mine at http://www... Read More »

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Where can i buy a electronic cigarettes?

you'll get an excellent e-cig from 21 century smoking! the blackjack model is awesome - no messy liquid to mess with and it's only 2 parts - the battery and nicotine cartridge! they have amazing ... Read More »

Does anyone use electronic/vapor cigarettes?

Two of my cousins use them and like them. I want to switch over but haven't made the move yet. There are a lot of pluses: no inhaling smoke, less phlegm, no little holes burned in your clothes, n... Read More »

Which electronic cigarettes have the most nicotine?

Me this and any of them you just have to choose which amount you want

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

On One Hand: FDA WarningsAccording to analysis done by the United States Food and Drug Administration, electronic cigarettes contain chemicals and impurities that are harmful to humans. The chemica... Read More »