Where can i buy a white kitten in det, mi?

Answer TRue, it's in the wrong category. However, try a local pet shop or the Humane Society on I-75 and E. Grand Boulevard. That's not 5 minutes from Hazel Park considering you live right off I-75.

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Where can I buy white brick or white chop stone that I can use for edging in Virginia?

I work in the garden center at the Lowe's in Newport News. While we do not keep white edging in stock, we should be able to special order it. Also, there is a place across the street from the New... Read More »

What was the name of the children's TV show 80's or 90's where a little girl was dressed all in white and had a white bedroom?

You're probably referring to the little robot from small wonder.

White Topaz, White Sapphire, White Diamond. Do these have similar metaphysical properties?

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Where do you find a white tv?