Where can i buy a cheap video camera?

Answer If you're buying online, amazon has some great prices. Heres a link for camcorders.…

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Can a cheap lens ruin a camera camcorder, video camera ect.?

Ruin your camera? No. Ruin the quality of your image? Perhaps. Your lens is the most important and most expensive thing in your camera. Even more important than the camera itself. Cheap lenses are ... Read More »

A cheap HD video camera?

Look on Ebay. They have some really good ones. Also places like biglots and staples have good ones really cheap also! :) I hope this helps!

Where can I buy a cheap video camera?

Dealextreme.comThey get their products straight from the manufacturers in China. And free shipping worldwide.

What is a cheap reliable video camera?

well you just have to look around and especially in the Sunday ad's but if your in need one of right away i would start looking at walmart.