Where can i buy a cheap black ink catridge ?

Answer Tesco

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Canon Printer catridge refill for Canon LBP2900 catridge no 703?

Can you us an Quantaray for canon AF with a Digital Canon Rebel Xsi?

Where can i get a good CHEAP laptop from i mean real cheap!?

you can get a laptop from dell really cheap but its not much of a laptop

I want a cheap camera where i can record videos like how many youtubers do! what brand can i get hd and cheap?

HD Camcorders and DSLR Cameras interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the c... Read More »

On printers catridge?

No, it will not work. Ink cartridges are printer specific. They may look alike and fit in the printer carriage, but the electrical contacts will not match up. Ink cartridges will only work on the p... Read More »