Where can get Applebees coupon's from?

Answer just send this email to 10 people and bill gates and aol will send u a 50.00 gift really works too!!! it happened to my cousins,cousins cousins sister and he seen it!!!!!!

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Applebees or chilis which do you think has better food i think applebees?

Applebees... yay or nay?

NAYYYY, they receive their food frozen and prepackaged with tons of preservatives and then they microwave it. Yuck! It is like fake food. you could just buy a TV dinner.

Just got a job at applebees?

depends on how much you flirt with customers

Should i go get applebees?

NOOOooo, there's got to be a better option.Wait, maybe you were hoping for overpriced cold food and terrible service.In that case, by all means...