Where can cheap lcd tvs be bought?

Answer I would say at your local tv store. Or, Walmart. I think Walmart myself has good prices for LCD tv's. But I think at your local TV store that their prices would be much lower.

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Ive just bought a digital camera, a cheap one admittedly, but its going through batteries like water!?

TAKE IT BACK! 10 photos with 3 sets of batteries? Something's BAD wrong with that camera.I have a battery HOG, and I can take about 50 photos on a set of rechargeable batteries.I have a better Ni... Read More »

Two mothers and two daughters went shoe shopping. Each bought a pair of shoes all together 3 pairs were bought?

that's so stupidit's a grandmother a mother and a daughter

I bought a phone of e-bay and the handset wasn't working so i e-mailed the company who i bought it off?

If you paid via paypal they will try & sort for you, they sorted a problem for me & I got a refund in 2 weeks or contact ebay customer services they may be able to help

I just bought a ps3 that requires 110v but my electrical plug emits 230v so i bought a step down transformer.?

No, you will not damage your unit by running at higher wattage. The ps3 will take what it needs, as you say, 360w. So, a fifty watt supply will be too little, and that will damage your unit.1600w... Read More »