Where can biofreeze analgesic be purchased?

Answer Biofreeze is a topical analgesic used for muscle pain or strain and joint discomfort. The product is dispensed in a cream, roll-on, spray and gel. Biofreeze is not for general distribution through ... Read More »

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Where can I buy biofreeze?

you can buy it on amazon. here's a link for biofreeze…

Is the lemon law jurisdiction where you live or where you purchased the vehicle?

Each state or jurisdiction has its own lemon laws. However, many lemon laws throughout the United States apply to the state where the consumer purchased the vehicle. So, lemon law jurisdiction usua... Read More »

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What is biofreeze gel?

Biofreeze is a deep-reaching topical pain-relieving formula sold in gel and spray forms.IngredientsThe key ingredients in Biofreeze are menthol, camphor and a powdered form of Ilex, a South America... Read More »