Where can an "Average White Teenage Male" get a college scholarship?

Answer Scholarships are given out for accomplishments you have like a high GPA, high admission test scores, great physical ability in sports or other types of activities like speech or debate.Rather than ... Read More »

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Where can I find a college scholarship for lower middle class white females?

Generally, if you file for your FAFSA's --- you get all available grants and federal loans that apply to you.Make sure, when going to this website that it has the ".gov" in the web address. There a... Read More »

I am a white male at Clark Atlanta University, and HBCU, how do i get a minority Scholarship?

Go to the schools financial aid office and ask them this exact question. and see what happens. If they escort you out of the office, you probably aren't at a college that isn't a good fit for you ... Read More »

My father is a vietnam veteran. where can i get a college scholarship i am going to ucsb?

I've never seen a single scholarship for dependents of veterans unless the veteran was killed in the line of duty or disabled as a result of service. Good luck hunting though. We never found a th... Read More »

I won a scholarship for any college in IL...but I don't want to go to college in IL!!!?

Do you have ANY idea how good a school UIUC is? But I digress.The programs you're talking about will not necessarily pay off all your loans nor will they repay your family for the money they spend ... Read More »