Where can a woman or man go for the best "beauty" services within the U.S.?

Answer i say a spa

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What makes a woman truly beautiful How can a woman enhance her beauty?

Beauty is only on the inside. If a woman is beautiful on the inside, a woman is beautiful everywhere. Just keep yourself clean and healthy. You don't need to overdo it with the make up, some people... Read More »

How to Avoid Bad Beauty Services?

Help yourself and other women and men avoid dirty salons and bad service by following these simple steps. This will help set back months of agony and frustration.

How to Add Massage Services to a Beauty Salon?

Massage therapy provides health benefits by helping people relax and relieve muscle tension. If you're looking to expand the offerings of your beauty salon, adding massage therapy treatments can he... Read More »

Where can I go for EXPERT beauty services in Chicago, Illinois?

Diana's Nail and Spa175 North Franklin, Chicago, IL - (312) 332-2662Charles Ifergan Coiffures Ltd 106 E Oak St, Chicago, IL - (312) 642-4484Marilyn Miglin LP Salon 112 E Oak St # 2, Chicago, IL -... Read More »