Where can a pregnant teenager go for help when she has to leave home?

Answer A friends your boyfriends or a shelter of some sort. or a realtive.

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What age does a pregnant teenager need to be to leave their parents' house?

Answer Pregnancy does not confer emancipation rights on a minor. The legal age of majority of the state in which the minor lives is still applicable.

In Oklahoma if you are almost 18 and pregnant and leave your home will the police still pick you up?

Answer If the parents ask the police to do that then yes. If not then no. If the police in the city where the "person" is wondering around see them then yes they can pick them up on there own, too.

I'm 16 if I get pregnant and married can I leave home without permission to live with the father?

It depends upon how pissed off your parents are usually pissed off parents do some strange things like say "you cannot ever see that boy again" legally the answer is no however morally the answer i... Read More »

In the state of Oregon is it legal for a 16-year-old pregnant girl to leave home?

If a girl is and pregnant it's evident that the "home" in question is not sufficient for a home. If she'd like to leave home and damage her life further, she can seek some type of legal adulthood, ... Read More »