Where can a luddite find instructions for how to IM on Yahoo?

Answer Do what I do: start a really large fire and then put a blanket over it and lift it to release smoke. When your friends see this they will respond in kind. Hope this helps!

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How can i find where an e.mail originated. i.e. ( vacinity )?

yes you can, at the last page, on the right there should be full header, click that and it opens up a lot of ip address and other stuff. look for orinating ip address and then you a site like www.i... Read More »

Where can I find instructions to fix a Kenmore dryer?

Answer There are no "grants" for having dyslexia in the flooring trade as dyslexia has no real impact on performing any of the work involved in running a flooring company. My brother owns a smal... Read More »

Where can you find the dish network ir 20.0 learning dvr remote instructions?

CW in El Paso is actually on channel 17, KVIAD. You can go to our website at and select the link in the upper right hand corner, Check TV Schedule, which will take you to another sc... Read More »

Where can I find the installation instructions for a Kenmore dishwasher model 40412?

On 8 June 1869, Ives McGaffey patented a "sweeping machine" which was the first invention to clean rugs.On 30 August 1901, British engineer Hubert Booth patented an invention he called the vacuum c... Read More »