Where can I use a Horizon credit card?

Answer The card can only be used at the It is not a credit or debit card and is not offered by a bank or credit

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Is the Horizon Gold Visa an actual credit card?

No. The Horizon Gold card is a shopping card that can only be used to make purchases online at the Horizon shopping site. The Horizon Gold card does not bear a Visa or Mastercard logo.References:Ho... Read More »

Where can I get a credit card with no deposit if I have bad credit?

On One Hand: Use Someone Else's Credit.If you have bad credit, the best way to get an unsecured credit card is to get someone with good credit to co-sign for the card or become a joint account hold... Read More »

Where is the credit card number on a gold card?

The credit card number is located on the front of most credit cards, including gold cards. For most cards, it is a 16-digit number located across the length of the card, about 1/3 of the way down... Read More »

What is the Horizon Gold Card?

A Horizon Gold Card is a line of credit, issued by Horizon Card Services, that can only be used at the online Horizon Gold Store. The card is not issued through a credit services organization, fina... Read More »