Where can I type cache in to see my temp Internet files?

Answer Just go into your browser options and click history

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Where does Vista store temp Internet files?

Windows Vista stores temporary Internet files in the Temporary Internet Files folder. This folder allows you to view your previous Internet browsing history. To view the folder, you have to enable ... Read More »

How to Empty Cache Files?

Most websites are built on files that contain the images and information you see when you load the page, as well as formatting instructions and themes. For every website you visit, your browser sto... Read More »

How to Capture Flash SWF Files in the Cache?

Adobe Flash is still the software of choice on the Internet for animation videos and cartoon games. SWF is the version of Flash that plays on the Web. You can save all Flash and SWF animations from... Read More »

How do I clean Yahoo Messenger cache files?

Select the "Tools" link at the top of Internet Explorer's toolbar. Select "Internet Options" from the drop-down menu. Click the "Delete Cookies" button, then click the "OK" button to confirm your r... Read More »