Does the bowflex treadclimber really work?

Answer On One Hand: Proven ResultsThe Bowflex Treadclimber, a hybrid treadmill and stair climber, offers a well-rounded cardiovascular workout. It allows users with knee and back problems the option of a ... Read More »

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Who created the Bowflex?

The Bowflex was invented by T. Dosho Shifferaw, a young immigrant from Ethiopia. While he was trying to come up with a chair structure, he bent a polymer rod up and above his shoulders and implemen... Read More »

How to Add Weight to a Bowflex?

Every Bowflex home gym offers either Power Rod or Spiraflex resistance. Power Rods are the original Bowflex resistance mechanism, with flexible metal rods that provide progressive resistance as you... Read More »

Who invented the Bowflex?

T. Dosho Shifferaw designed and invented the Bowflex exercise machine in the 1980s. The Bowflex was the first of many innovative exercise machines made by Shifferaw. Shifferaw immigrated from Ethio... Read More »

How much is a bowflex?

The base cost of a new Bowflex Home Gym ranges between $649 and $2,999, as of November 2009. This price does not include taxes, surcharges or accessories. Bowflex TreadClimber Machines range betwee... Read More »