Where can I sell silver dollars?

Answer Silver dollars are almost exclusively composite alloys that are not pure silver. Common silver dollars in the United States include the Morgan Dollar, minted from 1878 to 1909 and again in 1921; th... Read More »

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What is worth more: 1898 silver dollars or 1897 silver dollars?

This is a brain teaser disguised as a question about numismatics, or the study of coins. The reader may assume that the question refers to two silver dollars--one minted in the year 1897 and the ot... Read More »

How many silver half dollars make 1 ounce of silver?

It takes approximately three 90-percent silver half dollars to make 1 ounce of silver. Half dollars dated 1964 and before each contain 0.36 ounces of silver. Three of them equal 1.08 ounces of silv... Read More »

Where can I sell silver bullion?

Silver prices peaked in the early '80s at over $40 an ounce and then retreated to mostly under $5 an ounce until 2003. In 2008, silver reached highs around $20 an ounce, prompting investors who wer... Read More »

Where can I sell my silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry can be sold at many online venues. Handmade silver jewelry can be sold on artisan websites, such as Artfire or Etsy. Commercial silver jewelry can be sold on EBay or IOffer.Reference... Read More »