Where can I sell my scrap gold?

Answer On One Hand: Selling by mail is convenientSeveral companies offer "gold kits" which are pre-paid mailers in which you can put your scrap gold and mail it to the company. But make sure that the comp... Read More »

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How to Sell Scrap Gold?

Regardless of economic climates and conditions, there are people who want to understand how to sell scrap gold. This precious heavy metal is a widely-recognized value standard, and many factors inf... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Sell Scrap Gold?

Television and radio are flooded with ads in which someone promises to pay top dollar your gold jewelry. While this is the easiest way to unload your unwanted jewelry, you probably won't get the b... Read More »

Why should you sell your scrap gold and jewelry?

There has never been a better time to sell your scrap gold and jewelry. Gold prices are high and there are many gold scrap refiners eager to buy it. You can make cash for unused gold items lying ar... Read More »

Where can i go in houston to sell my scrap metal?

Scrap steel goes for about $150 per ton. Aluminum, brass, copper are all market price. Extruded aluminum (cans are rolled) is higher as it's pure, meaning no alloys.Unless you have at least a ton o... Read More »