How do I sell wheat pennies?

Answer In PersonThe most direct way to sell wheat pennies is to find a local coin shop and take them there. You will likely be able to get an estimation of value and perhaps an offer to purchase. You migh... Read More »

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I have a 1950s item id like to sell?

Check out your local antique shops first,then try online.

Is a German coin worth money in the United States?

German coins are often rare or made of valuable metals, such as gold. For this reason, they can usually be sold to collectors or precious metal companies for more than the face currency value of ea... Read More »

How to Sell German Military Books From WWII?

World War II was a monumental occasion for much of the world. It is one of the most famous wars in history and many people collect memorabilia, including books, from this time period. Having a coll... Read More »

How do I Sell a Rare German Lutheran Bible From the 1800s?

While it is easy to sell a valuable book to a book dealer, finding the right dealer who will offer a fair price is more challenging. It helps to understand the background of the book (in this case ... Read More »