Where can I see videos taken on other, civilized planets?

Answer The movie of the first descent down to Titan (Saturn moon):…My company built the radar tube for the Huygens probe (Cassini mission). I remember still when ... Read More »

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I got a camera but it broke. I had already taken a bunch of videos and some of them show where we live if?

If you took your memory card out and it was saved only to your memory card (most likely yes) then you're fine. As long as the memory card is out, no one will be able to see your videos.

If winnie the pooh was civilized enough to wear a shirt where are his pants.?

How to Convert Weight on Other Planets?

In physics, the weight of an object refers to the force of gravity acting on it. If you know an object's weight on Earth, you may calculate the object's weight on another planet (Wp) as weight on E... Read More »

How large is Neptune compared to other planets?

Neptune's diameter of 30,775 miles places it fourth in size among the planets in the solar system. Neptune is smaller than Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. However, "The National Audubon Society Field G... Read More »