Where can I see posts and comments I've made on other people's walls?

Answer By Notification. Your post or Comment could be Find in your Home Notification. If you didn't see it jst Click See More

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How can i not look like a clown built up a complex over peoples comments?

You have amazing eyes and lips and that would be my focus if doing your makeup. I'm going to list a few things and how to achieve the best results and i hope it helps.1. Go and have your foundation... Read More »

If someone blocked me on Facebook, can they see what I comment on other peoples' posts?

Nope, they can't. They can only see their friends talking to themselves. Haha.

If i delete my facebook will my posts and comments disapear too ?

Yes they will but that would be taking out about 80% of your social life!:D

After you block somebody on Facebook,can you see their posts or comments in groups which you too are a part of?

No haha. If you block someone and one of your friends tag them in a status or picture, it will show their name but you won't be able to click on their name. If that person comments on anything you ... Read More »