Where can I see posts and comments I've made on other people's walls?

Answer By Notification. Your post or Comment could be Find in your Home Notification. If you didn't see it jst Click See More

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If someone blocked me on Facebook, can they see what I comment on other peoples' posts?

Nope, they can't. They can only see their friends talking to themselves. Haha.

One of my best friends is deleting comments and other posts on facebook just because there is a spelling error?

Just let him be, if you don't want to get into an issue.

Can Facebook Friends see my comments and if I like other posts on Facebook?

the only way to prevent it is to add people to your restricted list

Where can you get other peoples opinions about Dancing with the stars?

Ryan Seacrest announced 97.5 millions votes came in. That obviously isn't the amount of people who voted.