Where can I report what I think is a money scam?

Answer check out - consumer resource center. all kinds of scam info there, there's also a forum where u can keep up to date on current and future scams. And if u have any questions ... Read More »

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How to Report a Web Site Scam?

Internet safety is a vital concern for many users. If you do fall victim to a scam, it is important to report it to the proper authorities. But the Internet's millions of websites can make doing so... Read More »

How to Report Scam Emails?

Sometimes you see spam in your inbox and you don't know how to make your e-mail client categorize it as spam.

How to Report a Lottery Phone Scam?

A lottery phone scam can happen to anyone. Lottery phone scams often target the elderly and widows. If you receive a phone call telling you that you have won a large amount of money in a lottery, a... Read More »

How to Report Check Scam & Fraud?

Thousands of people are victims of fraud each year, and many of these cases involve checks. This includes the use of forged or fake checks, fraudulent advance payments of sweepstakes or inheritance... Read More »