Where can I rent to own laptop computers?

Answer A laptop rent-to-own deal may be viable for those who can't afford to pay full price outright. Critics say renting may end up costing more in the long-run, but there's no denying the benefit of sm... Read More »

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Do laptop computers last longer than desktop computers?

No. Desktop computers generally last longer than laptops. A desktop is not carried around and is therefore less prone to damage. Desktops are also easier to repair and have better ventilation than ... Read More »

How many computers does Rent-A-Center sell annually?

Rent-a-Center does not release information about the number of products it rents, but of the $2.8 billion revenue from 2008, 16 percent was from the rental and purchase of computers. If the average... Read More »

How to Rent a Laptop?

Do you travel a lot for your work and don't want to carry around your computer? Are you a student on a vacation and needs to complete an assignment online and can't seem to find a cyber shop? Here'... Read More »

Can I rent a laptop?

A person can find laptop rental companies on the Internet or in the phone book under Computer Rentals. One company that rents computers is It provides rentals to more than 1,000 ... Read More »