Where can I purchase a box of waffle crisp cereal in connecticut?

Answer Go to the site below, select waffle crisp, then type in your zip code. It should find a store near to you that has it. Good luck!

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How to Crisp Soft Cereal?

The packaging clearly asks you to fold down the plastic bag to prevent the cereal from turning soft but which kid or grown-up hasn't read the instructions? There's always someone in the house! Here... Read More »

Frosted Flakes Honey Smacks Or Super Sugar Crisp Which sweet Cereal do you like better?

Honey smacks, although i'm not a fan of sugary cereals. I prefer just raw cereal, nothing done to it. =D

Cookie Crisp Apple Jacks Captain Crunch Or Fruity Pebbles Which Cereal from this list do u like better?

I agree with the answer above me wheres lucky charms?!!But ill take apple jacks :)

Do you have a Cereal that you once liked when you where younger but now you can't stand that cereal?

Peanut butter Captain Crunch, i craved it like a crack junkie when i was young.. i tried to eat it like 2 weeks ago and the taste literally made me vomit... i had to flee into the bathroom lol