Where can I go to find out total amount borrowed in student loans?

Answer If you acquired private student loans for school, the lender/bank will be able to tell you how much you borrowed. If you borrowed through the government's federal loan system, you can access the Na... Read More »

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Does AXA Whole Life Insurance credit back 4% of the 5% interest rate of the loan amount borrowed from policy?

No, they don't credit you back - have him put it in writing, or show you the part of the policy that says that. Bet he can't. And the INTEREST You pay, when you borrow your own money, belongs to... Read More »

How do I calculate the VAT on the total amount?

Add VAT to PriceMultiply the price of an item by the Value Added Tax, or VAT, to find how much tax is added to the price. In England, the VAT is 17.5 percent, so multiply the price by .175. For exa... Read More »

What is the total amount of personal auto premium in Massachusetts?

Just as with any other cost of doing business, When the expense is incurred in the course of production or service then those costs should be included in expenses.

What is the total amount of records sold by American Idol winners?