Where can I go out to eat with a date for under $20?

Answer Make a picnic meal yourself and take her to a park. Spread out a blanket for both of you to sit on and serve her. Get things like cheese you can slice, grapes, snack crackers, french bread etc. ... Read More »

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Where can I get a working computer for under 50 dollars with modom and all?

From a kind relative. You would be treating dinner.

If u could have a date with a celeb who would it be and where is the perfect place?

Where can little one inch wires with a cotton tip for cleaning under the gum line between the roots be purchased?

Answer I'm not 100% sure I know which brush you are talking about, but pretty much any drug store will have what I think you are talking about. If not, you will find something similar to that and ... Read More »

What is the highest sum insured given till date under a D and O policy?

Are you sure you don't mean an ''E'' and O policy? If so you will need to search court cases for that answer, and still many settlements are confidential.