Where can I get vhs tapes converted to dvds?

Answer Converting VHS tapes to DVD is a highly valuable service in the age of digital media. For example, DVD quality doesn't degrade with use or time. Modern home theater equipment with VHS players is be... Read More »

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Anyone know anywhere to get cassette tapes converted?

ION have just the product you need.... 518412 ION Audio Tape 2 PC. It lets you create MP3s from your tape collection! Just plug the TAPE 2 PC into your computer, install the software that is includ... Read More »

Where can I get vhs tapes made into cd/dvds is this possible?

Who still uses VHS tapes rather than these new fangled DVDs?

Haven't figured out how to set up the video yet.It's hard to get the Beta max tapes now, I've been thinking about getting one of them new fangled VHS ones

I need help making dvds from tapes?

You need an analog converter, either internal card or external such as the dazzle. It's very easy to use and come with good software. You would hook your analog VHS camera to the analog converter, ... Read More »