Where can i buy green green screen software?

Answer Though they call it "green screen", it does not really need to be "green", and many times it is not.As long as the background is a solid color that does not appear as part of the person, animal, or... Read More »

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What are some "green" insecticides?

Nicotine-based insecticides do work, but they aren't any longer permitted in organic gardening and farming in the UK (if you want your produce to be certified organic) because they are too toxic. ... Read More »

Why cant I digest some green veggies?

Those three are in lists of gas producing vegetables. Doctors don't consider gas as serious. Take digesting tablets. Haven't found at pharmacies but online. three for price if one. cruciferou... Read More »

Why some ppl say . white tea better than green tea..?

because white tea is less processed than green tea and supposedly contains more nutrients, EGCG, and antioxidants (this hasn't been proven). It has a more subtle flavor. It's usually flavored wit... Read More »

What are some good green tea companies?

Why not consider making your own? You can steep a few bags of green tea according to your flavor preference and keep it in a pitcher in the refrigerator. Purchase a reusable water bottle and pour y... Read More »