Where can I get pictures for my tumblr?

Answer People usually find it on for obscure ones but give credit!),, and xanga(xanga people get it from the same source anyways). But to be honest, the things post... Read More »

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Is tumblr only for pictures?

nope i use it for writing posts but i prefer twitter than tumblr ^^

How do you add the 'pictures of me' thing to tumblr?

My Picturesthen just tag all your pictures with 'me'and then put this in your info bar when you customize.

How to show captions under pictures on tumblr theme?

The '{block:PermalinkPage}' and '{/block:PermalinkPage}' statements that surround the '{block:Caption} {Caption} {/block:Caption}' sequence cause the caption to be shown only on the permalink page.... Read More »

Where are tumblr people going?

How about trying real blogging? Or transition back to Xanga or something, as long as you stay away from Wordpress and leave it unpolluted. Honestly though, if you're just going to delete whatever c... Read More »