Where can I get my own personal e-mail address?

Answer You can get a personal e-mail address from several of service providers. A basic account is usually free, although you way want to upgrade to a paid account to receive a larger storage capacity. So... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Personal E-mail Address?

Internet services have become a staple in most people's daily lives. Younger generations, especially, are becoming increasingly adept at navigating online waters. An email account allows you to com... Read More »

How to Check My Yahoo Mail From My Personal Mail?

Every Yahoo account holder has access to the basic version of the service. The basic version does not allow you to download your Yahoo mail to an email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbir... Read More »

How to Send Mail From a Different Email Address in Mac Mail?

When you compose a new outgoing message in Mac Mail, the application sends the message through the account corresponding with the last inbox that you viewed. However, you may have configured severa... Read More »

Oprah Winfrey fan mail address or the address to her studio?

i would like to speak to ms. Winfrey about my son. my son was in a bad car accident. he was hurt very bad. he is only 17 yrs old and i need some advice on how to invest or to help him later on in l... Read More »