Where can I get more and exact details other than wikipedia about hindu gods?

Answer Geeta.. Its a holy book for hindus.. Like bible for christans and kuran for muslims..

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Wikipedia negative bases (negaternary to be exact)?

The remainder Wikipedia uses is correct. For calculating the negaternary number, you need the remainder to be positive, since there's no such thing as an inherently negative digit: -5 / -3 = 1 rema... Read More »

Which Wikipedia policy is most often applied to achieve the exact opposite of its stated purpose?

I'd say you've already hit on it: WP:CIVIL. There's also WP:NPA, but CIVIL seems to be more useful.

Can I find details about tamil in Wikipedia?………

How often does Wikipedia get it wrong or omit critical details?… It CAN be edited by anyone, but if the information is false or invalid, it is removed as soon as possible, and by that i mean in like 5 minutes. I once t... Read More »