How to Make Love Beads?

Answer Here is a small start to a simple beading idea. In the 1960's, a trend majorly amongst the free-spirited population was a fashion statement known as Love Beads. Your love beads can be made out of p... Read More »

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What is the difference between delica beads& toho beads?

Both delica and toho beads are small, cylindrical seed beads. They are used in bead-working projects that require the beads to fit neatly together for a more aesthetic and uniform effect.The FactsB... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Delica Beads & Toho Beads?

Both Toho and Delica beads are small glass beads, collectively known as seed beads, that are used in beadweaving or other beadwork where uniform detail is needed for both texture and clarity of pat... Read More »

Where Can I Buy Hama Beads?

Hama beads are sold in the United Kingdom and in Europe. The company does not ship directly to the U.S., but you can buy them from sellers on auction sites, like ebay. Perler beads are the United S... Read More »

Where are Swarovski crystal beads made?

Daniel Swarovski was born in North Bohemia. Swarovski launched his operation in the United States, and he later returned to Europe. Swarovski crystals are currently manufactured in Wattens, an area... Read More »