Where can I get help paying my property taxes so I do not lose my home?

Answer Property taxes are a requirement in most jurisdictions when you own property. Regardless of whether it's a home, a warehouse or a business office, property taxes will be due twice a year to your co... Read More »

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Can You Buy a Home by Paying Back Property Taxes?

When you do not pay your property taxes, you risk losing your home to an investor who is willing to pay them for you. If you are an investor, this is potentially one of the most effective ways to p... Read More »

Financial Help for Paying Property Taxes?

Every state taxes real property. Most states offer certain classes of property and certain classes of taxpayers tax exemptions or credits to reduce or help pay property tax. Beyond that, property o... Read More »

Where to Get Help With Taxes Without Paying a Prep Fee?

A tax preparation company will charge a fee to assist a taxpayer with taxes and so will an independent bookkeeper, enrolled agent or certified public accountant. There is a free program available k... Read More »

Can you claim property by paying the taxes?

Paying taxes on a property helps give you a legitimate claim to a property, but you must also meet other requirements to declare adverse possession (squatter's rights). Other factors that give you ... Read More »