Where can I get good Christian pre-school material or help?

Answer visit Christian preschools and ask them about their curricula. I'm sure you can find a lot of information.

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How can a teenager care for a baby and attend high school and work without the help of her parents if she has the help of her adult partner and where are some places they can stay in Maryland?

Answer Depending on the grade and amount of credits some high schools offer mentorship programs that allow a student to attend part of the day and work the rest of the school day. Financial help fr... Read More »

Any good japanese school dramas (HELP!!! 10 pts best answer!!)?

There's Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. A girl and a boy is the main characters. I liked it.. Its about a yankee all boys school getting combined with all girls rich school. I don't know about the ending... Read More »

How Do I Help Poor Children Who Make Good Grades Go to School?

As the cost of higher education steadily rises, many capable students find it difficult to pay for college. Establishing a scholarship fund is a way to help students who make good grades but can't ... Read More »

HELP!! What's a good venue for a high school reunion?

Call the hotels and banquet halls in the phone book.Here is some advice you didn't ask for that I paste every chance I get;The single most important thing you can do to insure a good time is talk t... Read More »