Cons on Tobacco Free Cigarettes?

Answer Two main forms of tobacco-free cigarettes exist---herbal and electronic. Herbal cigarettes replace tobacco with a variety of herbs, while electronic cigarettes run on batteries, releasing water vap... Read More »

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How to Stay Tobacco Free As a Teen?

Is it really that attractive? Will it make you that cool?Tobacco is much harder to avoid than illegal drugs, because it is more common, but just as dangerous and is a gateway drug. Eighty percent o... Read More »

Free Home Cleaning Solution for Tobacco Stains on Dentures?

Dentures are expensive, so it's important to clean and maintain them properly. This will give them the best appearance and longest life, especially if you're a smoker. Nicotine stains build up quic... Read More »

Where can i buy Dip Tobacco in?

Where is the best place to grow tobacco?

the best place to grow tobacco is Africa because of the black people.