Where can I get emergency money?

Answer Emergencies can happen at the most inopportune time. If you do not have an established emergency fund to draw from, you will have to explore others options. There are various ways that you can come... Read More »

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Can I borrow money from my IRA in case of an emergency?

The Internal Revenue Service does not permit people to borrow money from their IRAs or to use their IRAs as collateral for a loan for any reason. However, you may take an early distribution from yo... Read More »

How much money does an emergency room doctor make? reveals that emergency room doctors average an annual salary of $116,923 to $217,198, as of April 2010. Additions can come from bonuses of $4,894 to $24,311; profit sharing of $3,052 t... Read More »

How can an international student with no dental coverage or money get emergency help from a dentist?

There are many dentist available online who can help you.If you want to know any thing related to dental treatment please go to their contact number OR put your details in to their inquiry form. Bu... Read More »

What is the average cost of a non-emergency visit to an emergency room visit for a toothache?

Answer where I live In Pa its $ 90.00 dollars As an Emergency Physician, I would tell you that one would need to know a lot more about the visit. If you mean a sore throat of a routine nature, roug... Read More »