Where can I get an 8 pin S-Video cable extension?

Answer It isn't S-video if it is 8 pins. S-video, by definition, is only 4 pins. Uoi have some sort on mini-din cable.The cable you seek is likely proprietary to the manufactuer of the player.

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Which cable delivers a higher quality PICTURE, a component video cable or an s-video cable?

Component is the best choice. Component supports progressive scan and Enhanced Definition (EDTV- 480p) and High Definition (HDTV- 720p, 1080i) S-video will give you a decent picture but it will not... Read More »

Can I replace the red,blue and green video cable with a red, white and yellow video cable?

I would do so only on a temporary basis. Component video cables are actually "video grade" meaning they can pass the full video bandwidth of HD with little signal degradation. The cheap **** red/wh... Read More »

Where you can buy audio-video cable of sony w510?

the VMC-15CSR1 AV cable can be purchased throughout the SonyStyle website or ordered through your local Sony dealer.

Which is better Monster M1000CV component video cable or Monster THX Ultra 1000 Component Video Cable?

The problem is that Monster refuses to release technical specs on the coax or RCA jacks they use so we cannot really compare how much better or worse each cable is.Monster brags about exotic gasses... Read More »