Where can I get a really long dsl cable?

Answer Do you mean that your phone jack doesn't work? Get a phone jack extension line cord, connect your phone line filter to the end of it, and then connect that to your DSL cord that goes to your modem.

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How long can you go with co-ax cable?

There are two important factors that affect the maximum length of the cable. One is the data rate for the signal being sent and the other is the cable itself. A co-ax cable that costs a few cents p... Read More »

How long can you run a BNC cable?

BNC connectors are used with coaxial cables, which have maximum lengths based upon thickness. Thin coaxial cables can be run 185 meters, or about 607 feet, before signal degradation. Thick coaxial ... Read More »

How long is a PC to TV cable?

PC to TV cables come in a variety of lengths, with longer cables costing more than shorter cables. VGA, S-Video, DVI, HDMI and crosses between these types of cable are all options for connecting yo... Read More »

How long can I run a Cat 5 cable?

Cat 5, or Ethernet/network cables, can be no longer than 100 meters. Any longer length will cause packets of digital information to be "dropped" or lost. If you absolutely must bridge a space from ... Read More »