Where can I get a physical development checklist for a four year old?

Answer Physical Development1. Fine Motor Skills3.1.A. Strings smaller size beads3.1.B. Holds crayon, pencil, marker and paint brush with thumb and finger, not fist3.1.C. Copies horizontal and vertical lin... Read More »

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Checklist for the Physical Development of a 6-Year-Old?

Not all children are the same in terms of their physical development. Some kids grow faster at a certain age, while others develop faster at another age. However, pediatricians have found that ther... Read More »

Physical Development of Eight to Nine Year Olds?

Eight and 9-year-old children are in the "in-between" years. They are still children, but are on the cusp of their teen years. Children this age develop at different rates, which is why there are s... Read More »

Learning Experiences That Promote Physical Development for Four-Year-Olds?

Four-year-olds love to move around, and everyday experiences provide ample opportunities for learning experiences. Sometimes, though, providing structured activities can help children increase thei... Read More »

Emotional Development Checklist for Early Childhood?

According to psychologist and researcher Erik Erikson, every person experiences eight developmental stages---each consisting of a "crisis"---during his lifetime. Each crisis requires the individual... Read More »