Where can I get a loan that doesn't charage me until after medical school?

Answer All federal loans can be deferred through medical school - you won't pay till 6 months after you're done. Check out the FAFSA at to apply.

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Does anyone know of a place that will defer my student loan for 2 years, until after my LDS mission?

Most major colleges will do that. Certainly BYU will. The Air Force Academy and other military schools will. The University of Utah will. Most PAC 10 schools will.Check with your college adviser.

Where (other that our school financial aid office) can I get a student loan?

You can apply for private loans through local banks. And you can try Sallie Mae. Http://www.salliemae.comYou can always try to get scholarships as well.http://www.fastweb.com Read More »

Is this right Subsidized loan will not need repayment until 6 months after graduation?

so long as you continue going to school you won't have to pay it but if you drop out you will and I would recommend paying it (if able to or if it is small) before the 6 months to avoid interest ra... Read More »

I have a medical bill for 168.00 that was sent to a collection agency after I made a payment. They are going to keep in the collection agency until my bill is paid off. This can not be right.?

If the bill was late enough to be sent to a collection agency, the collection of that bill has been turned over to that collection agency as well.