Where can I buy a lot of dvd's for a good price online?

Answer Check Ebay under Lots. Usually you can find plenty DVD's the are sold in a lot of 50 or more.

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Where can I buy a scanner online for a good price?

Please look scanner at Amazon.…Hope this help.Good Luck.

When the prices online on urban outfitters are in blue is that the online price?

that means it's on sale for that price so it should be that online and in stores :)

Where can i buy dirt cheap mattress and boxspring online?

I got an air mattress from WalMart online for about $100. It was queen size and had an extra layer like a box spring. I got it for our vacation house, but wound up using it for a couple of months a... Read More »

How efficient is DVI to HDMI convertor What is its price and what is the price of good quality HDMI cables?

efficiency is irrelevant. It is digital. It will either work or it won't. sells $3 adapters to convert dvi to hdmi. Then just use an hdmi cable. They also sell a cable that goes dvi->... Read More »