Is fake tan a good idea?

Answer i totally know how you feel. I used to deal with being really really pale, but then i started using these things called "tan towels" and they worked so well! you can order them online off of amazon... Read More »

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How to Achieve a Good Fake Tan?

A fake tan can give your skin the sun-kissed glow of summer without the health risks of sun exposure. Sunless tanning products are available in cream, gel or spray form and can easily be applied at... Read More »

What is good to use for fake puke?

you can do anything. Vomit is like snow flakes, none are ever the same. Chew up a turkey sandwich.. take a swig of Gatorade. Mash it all around. Spit it out. Tah-dah! Puke.

Paris Hilton is she real good or fake ?

How to Fake Sick, Need Good Ways!?

simple techniques that might work..,1.)get a can of veggie soup, pour some in the toilet, and eat some.., when your mom comes looking for you, she'll see you threw up..,(the only problem is you got... Read More »