Where can I get a fisheye lense for my camcorder?

Answer Check out B and H Photo and Video and their website, as they have great accessories for consumer and pro camcorders. Check out this link:…Not sure about in... Read More »

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Are the fisheye lense available for ipod too?

Here you go :)…I think this is quite intersting. Lol

Can a Nikon P100 Camera use a fisheye lense?

no .... as p100 is not a dslr , u cant change its lens.

Camcorder fisheye lens?

Read the camcorder specifications.The Canon Legria HF G25…Lens filter diameter: 58mmSony HDR-PJ740Could not find a link to the camcorder or manual - but th... Read More »

I supposedly broke someones $300 camcorder lense. Who'se fault is it and what should I do 10 points!!!?

it was an accident it's more his fault than yours cause he got so close but how was he spost ta know you were gonna wanna gain spped u knnow? so it was just an accident they happen he'll get ova i... Read More »