Where can I get a camera that can take digital picture and videos?

Answer I really like my Canon 550D. It's called the Canon Rebel T2i in the US. It has an 18 mega pixel sensor and takes great photos. It also has 1080 HD video, with a choice of frame rates. The video qua... Read More »

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I record videos from my computer monitor using the motion picture setting on my digital camera When I playback videos I see waves and ripples across the video How can I prevent or reduce the waves?

The Nikon F-401 (N4004 in North America) was an,, (SLR) http://wiki.answers.... Read More »

Does a Canon film camera take as good quality picture as a digital camera?

Saints enjoy the blessings of canonization. ( comes from Canon Law and has nothing to do with firearms). some departed souls , not of Saintly merit, yet, are referred to as Blessed or Beata, this i... Read More »

How do you upload videos/picture from your camera to the computer?

Your camera should have come with some software. Install the software and hook the ubs to camera and computer and follow directions. If you do not have the software, you can go to the manufacture... Read More »

Does a digital picture come from a digital camera?

Yes, however these come in the form of a digital file such as .JPG or .TIF, which can then be printed to be simply called a picture.