Where can I get a DVD re-winder?

Answer Good question, I need one too. I've got all these DVDs that I can't watch again because I haven't figured out how to rewind them. You'd think that if whoever invented it was so smart they would hav... Read More »

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How to Use a Yarn Winder?

A homemade yarn winderSometimes the yarn you buy from the store is not in a usable form. Here are some simple instructions for how to use a yarn winder.

What is a bobbin winder?

A bobbin winder is a small spool on a sewing machine that holds the thread bobbin. When pushed to the right, the bobbin winder spins the thread from the thread spool around the bobbin. Many bobbin... Read More »

What is a watch winder?

Many of the highest-priced watches must be worn every day or wound. These watches, known as automatic or self-winding, wind using the motion of the wearer. A watch winder keeps the watch's self-win... Read More »

How to Use the Canon Power Winder A?

The Canon Power Winder A fitted to an 300px|A-1.The Canon Power Winder A is a very simple, very easy to use 2 FPS motor drive for Canon's manual focus A-series cameras. If you've acquired or inheri... Read More »