Where can I get Vicoden without a prescription?

Answer You can't unless you know someone willing to sell you some or share. Be careful, though!

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Is it legal to buy prescription drugs without a prescription?

It is illegal to buy or possess prescription drugs without a prescription, according to the Food and Drug Administration. While some websites sell prescription drugs, you still must present a writt... Read More »

Can I buy Vicodin without a prescription?

Vicodin is a prescription drug that contains hydrocodone. The drug is classified as a narcotic pain reliever. Vicodin must be prescribed by a doctor as it has a dangerous habit-forming side effect.... Read More »

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Change your eye color as often as you change clothes. Contact lenses have made the transition from boring vision correction to fashion accessory. Enhance your appearance with lenses in any conceiva... Read More »

How to Go to Sleep Without Prescription Drugs?

How to get to sleep without using medication and sleep pills.