Where can I get "Free" antivirus on line.I have a backdoor Trojen virus?

Answer AVG is the best I have found so far. It is free and it works better than almost all paid versions. . It is not a resource hog like norton or kapersky or many others.

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What is the best FREE Anti Virus and Trojen scanner ?

Get one of these anti-virus listed below.All these anti-virus work very well,they are the leaders in the current market.Kaspersky anti-virus:http://kaspersky.anti-virus-download-onl…MacroVirus an... Read More »

What is a backdoor virus?

A backdoor virus, more commonly known as a backdoor Trojan, is attached to a website or email. When you open the infected document or web page, the Trojan automatically attaches to a port in your ... Read More »

Trojan + Backdoor virus?

If you have a few virus's and are not fully understanding of what you have to do to remove them then I would recommend reinstalling windows. This will be for you by far the easiest and quickest way... Read More »

What is a backdoor Trojan virus?

A backdoor Trojan is a type of computer virus that creates an opening on your computer. A hacker can use the opening to control your computer or infect it with other viruses. Antivirus software can... Read More »