Where can I find this particular candy?

Answer walgreens and cvs and a lot of other places

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Where can I find this candy?

Where can you find out if particular television programs have not been cancelled?

Im looking for a particular 'Leeza' show espisode about 'sex therapy' that a friend of mine was in back in 96ish Cant find it anywhere Where can you find episodes to watch of the Leeza Show online?

because they have no culture, manner, they have no self respect. clapping is the ettiquette not screaming.

How can you find out what Oprah Winfrey is going to give away to the audience on her Christmas Show this year 2007 Also is it too late to get tickets for that particular show?

Answer I have heard from an insider that cars will not be given away. There will be gift baskets with Oprah's favorite things. Also a few select audience members will get a vehicle based on need.