Where can I find this kind of bread in Orlando, Fl(Look at the picture)?

Answer Some of the better Publix supermarkets with in-house bakeries make this item. It is basically a french roll, with shredded cheese on top. The laitin recipe calls for milk to be added to the dough. ... Read More »

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Where can I find this kind of tray please?

Amazon has several different mess trays listed.…

What kind of insect is this (picture)?

It looks like the pesky little fruit flies. they end up in my red wine. now i leave a little in glass in the kitchen and they all up in there- dead.

Where can I find a nice romantic italian restaurant in orlando, florida?

real italian ill pescatore on primrose ave

Does any one know where to find some hot orlando bloom pics?

You mean like pictures of flowering blossoms in Florida? They normally happen in the Spring, so its unlikely there will any exremely hot pictures unless its a late blossom and occurs on a scorching... Read More »